Oh My Grill coming to College Hill


OH MY GRILL/Courtesy Photo

A new burger joint called “Oh My Grill” will be opening in April on College Hill, in the former location of Nick’s Pizza.


Come April, Cedar Falls residents will be able to grab a burger on the Hill with the opening of #OMG – Oh My Grill.

Oh My Grill currently has one other location in Iowa City. Owner Omer Noorwala decided to open a branch in Cedar Falls in order to offer residents a more convenient meal option right beside UNI’s campus.

Noorwala also owns Up In Smoke, also located on the Hill.

“In Cedar Falls, there are only a couple restaurants that are not franchises, but still nobody opens late, so that’s our basic niche,” Noorwala said. “We want to serve those people who are tired of either eating Domino’s Pizza or Kwik Star Food. There is no other option. Or you could drive down to McDonalds which is a DUI. I don’t want anyone to drive, just to be able to walk around on the Hill.”

Oh My Grill will also boast all free-range organic beef that is processed in house, meaning no frozen patties. All of their vegetables will also be from local farms to keep up with their theme of 100 percent fresh ingredients.

“My main focus is the beef is going to be organic and 100 percent Halal,” Noorwala said. “So it will be grinded and everything made from scratch — all the patties and everything — so no frozen food, no additives, no antibiotics […] and all of our vegetables and our ingredients will be from local farmers, and everyday fresh everything comes.”

Noorwala spoke about the other main goal of Oh My Grill: providing late-night service for their customers. Not only will customers be able to dine in late into the night, but there will also be catering and delivery service as well.

Currently, Noorwala plans to only open for dinner from 3 p.m. to 3 a.m., seven days a week. As time goes on, however, residents of Cedar Falls can look forward to the restaurant being open for longer hours.

“If we start off at dinner, we are probably going to go all the way to the morning for the weekends, for breakfast,” Noorwala said. “We might be open until 6 a.m., but that’s for the future.”

Noorwala said he is covering what he believes to be all the basic needs of a Cedar Falls restaurants. For example, the Halal meat will cater to the Muslim community. However, he plans to add one more piece to the puzzle in order to reach his target customer of all college students: The price.

“Since it’s for college kids, we are going to consider that price is a very big factor for college kids to depend on, so our menu will range from five dollars,” Noorwala said. “Say, if you want to come in, you can have a shake or fries or a burger, and it will be under 10 dollars. Everything is under 10 dollars.”

Oh My Grill will also have a loyalty program where customers can earn points. These points will be interchangeable with those gained through Up In Smoke.

“And then we are going to collaborate,” Noorwala said. “Because we have a big customer base here [at Up In Smoke] — about 2,000 customers — so we are going to push them towards Oh My Grill.”

Oh My Grill will be serving menu items such as burgers, shakes and fries. The space that used to house Nick’s Pizza will be remodeled and should be complete by the end of March, with the restaurant opening for business in April.

“It’s going to be a nice hopping place with loud music,” Noorwala said. “We aren’t going to sell any alcohol, but it will be a nice happening place; we will make it pretty cool […] It is going to be fresh. It will be one-of-a-kind and no one is serving burgers like we do.”