NISG election voting results released



The voting results of the NISG election were released last week, including percentages each candidate received by college. In addition, senate seats and percentage of the vote received by each senator were released.


On Thursday, Feb. 28., Jacob Levang and Jacob Stites secured the win over Farhan Bin Amjad and Micah McCutchan for student body president and vice president, respectively for the 2019-2020 school year.

Last week, the voting results, which illustrate how each candidate faired by college, were released, in addition to who secured Senate seats in each college.

College of Undecided/Interdisciplinary/General Studies:

Levang and Stites garnered 57.4 percent of the vote with Amjad and McCutchan trailing with 42.6 percent. Joe Link was able to secure a Senate seat in the College of Undecided/Interdisciplinary/General Studies with an overwhelming 93.4 percent of the vote. There were 61 total responses.

College of Humanities, Arts and Sciences:

It was a closer race in the College of Humanities, Arts and Sciences, but it yielded the same result as Levang and Stites received 53.9 percent of the vote compared to Amjad and McCutchan’s 46.1 percent. Katie Wempen (68.2 percent), Ethan A. Vance (60.0 percent), Kristin Rasmussen (63.5 percent), Elle Boeding (72.9 percent) and Timothy Dirksen (54.7 percent) all secured Senate seats. There were 490 total responses.

College of Education:

It was a lopsided victory for Levang and Stites as they won the College of Education by a margin of 41 percent. Trevor Fletcher secured a Senate seat with 85.4 percent of the vote. There were 288 total responses.

College of Business:

Levang and Stites received 64.2 percent of the vote in the College of Business as Amjad and McCutchan mustered just 35.8 percent.  Alissa Wade (56.6 percent), Laura Jimenez (63.9 percent), Allison Noggle (70.1 percent) and Lucas Gremler (59.7 percent) all secured Senate seats. There were 288 total responses.

Graduate College:

Levang and Stites were only able to acquire 25 percent of the vote in UNI’s Graduate College, while Amjad and McCutchan received the other 75 percent. There were 32 total responses.

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences:

The thinnest margin of the NISG election was provided by the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, with Levang and Stites earning 52.1 percent of the vote and Amjad and McCutchan trailing behind by only 4.2 percent with 47.9 percent. Chad Schafer (54.3 percent), Sasha Nagle (50.7 percent), Mahlia Brown (62.8 percent) and Ryan Frank (54.6) were all able to secure Senate seats. There were 282 total responses.