LGBTQIA+ people always welcome at Threehouse



Reverend David Glenn-Burns of Threehouse: A Wesley Foundation Campus Ministry pens a Letter to the Editor denouncing the new “Way Forward” plan introduced by the United Methodist Church and welcomes LGBTQIA+ people to the campus ministry.

Letter to the Editor

Editor’s Note: This Letter to the Editor was submitted by Rev. David Glenn-Burns of Threehouse: A Wesley Foundation Campus Ministry.

Recently, the Christian church denomination in which I was formed and have served as an ordained pastor for 35 years (23 years at Threehouse: a Wesley Foundation here at UNI), held a special worldwide gathering for the purpose charting a “Way Forward” for the United Methodist Church with regards to LGBTQIA+ inclusion and leadership.  To be clear and up front, I have favored full inclusion and affirmation of the gifts that our LGBTQIA+ siblings bring.  Our worldwide church instead voted to adopt a plan called “The Traditional Plan”. Though major portions of it have been determined to be unconstitutional by our church Judicial Council previously, it was still adopted by a narrow margin to my disappointment. Rather than list all of the ways it is a “Way Backwards”, and also acknowledging I do not know what the future holds for the UMC or me, I offer two specific reactions.

     First, I want to say to those of you for whom this decision and accompanying process has caused significant harm, I apologize. I see you and love you and welcome you.

     Secondly, here is my commitment: The kind of ministry to which I am called to lead, and strive to offer at Threehouse, is centered on a God who left privilege behind and put on skin and walked with all kinds of people in the person of Jesus.

     To borrow some phrases from various sources, here is a glimpse of what I hope you will find at/through Threehouse Campus Ministry.

     Spirited faith, radical love, lavish generosity, inclusive hospitality, extravagant forgiveness, compassionate action, selfless service, a passion for justice, creative nonviolence, nourished growth, simple living, diversity, dialogue and questions.

      Threehouse is proud to work in ministry partnership with ecumenical partners from several local faith communities.

      I welcome an opportunity to discuss this more.