The importance of volunteerism



Opinion Columnist Abigail Bennethum discusses her experience with the UNI Wishmakers and why she believes volunteerism is important.

ABIGAIL BENNETHUM, Opinion Columnist

Just this last semester, I made the goal to do more impactful work here on campus. I felt like I was missing that key part of my life and my journey here at UNI. After much research and thought, I decided to join UNI Wishmakers. I wanted to write about this specific organization because I feel like a lot of people want to make a difference but don’t know where to go. Just recently, UNI Wishmakers put on an event at HuHot called “Flippin’ for Wishes.” Where members of the organization put on a breakfast event in support to raise money to give a child with a life-threatening condition a wish. UNI Wishmakers do about four major volunteer events alongside partnerships with restaurants who will give a percentage of the proceeds they made to UNI Wishmakers to help a child in need. 

Flippin’ for Wishes was the first major event I volunteered at; it was worth every minute knowing people wanted to come together to support a cause larger than themselves. It was an amazing experience and I want to urge everyone to do some sort of volunteer work; it will humble you in a way you have never experienced and really put life in perspective. You have the ability to change lives and make an impact.

Another amazing thing I have noticed about this student organization is how dedicated each and every member is to their jobs. They genuinely care about each event, each new member, and the kids they are helping. They are all so excited to coordinate events, promote fundraisers and recruit people, as I got more integrated into the organization I have seen this time and time again.

UNI Wishmakers is not talked about enough, they are a diamond in the rough that should be brought to light and displayed for many more to see. This organization is the type of place where you feel you’re making an impact but having a great time with awesome people at the same time.

Thinking a lot about why we are here, on this earth in the time we are at, I have realized we, as a society and individuals are selfish. The acknowledgement that we as a society are selfish isn’t a new concept. We crave likes, follows and have the tendency to do things that may hurt another for our own personal gain. Finding the thin line between selfishness and acquiring personal achievement is a thin one that we should all be vigilant of. Through this past year, I have asked myself if I was taking more than I was giving, and if what I have been doing as a member of society was beneficial to more than myself. I urge all of you to do the same and if you don’t like the answer go and contribute to society in a way that is purely giving to somebody or something else. Time is our most precious commodity and we don’t have much of it. Spend it wisely.

“Only a life lived for others is worth living.” — Albert Einstein.