Women’s History Month and Art Expo

ERIN KAMP, Copy Editor

On Tuesday, March 3, the Women’s History Month Kickoff and Art Expo event was held at the Center for Multicultural Education (CME). This event was planned and put on by student program coordinators from the CME staff, members of the UNI Women and Gender’s Studies program and the Northern Iowa Feminists. 

The Women’s History Month Kickoff and Art Expo was held to commemorate the beginning of a calendar of events honoring women’s history at UNI. The groups sponsoring the event highlighted their focus on inclusion, diversity and advocacy. 

“I think [this kickoff] is important because this event is the beginning of a whole month recognizing women and fighting for equality,” said Isabella Pedersen, a NI Feminists member and kickoff attendee. Pedersen said that the “fun atmosphere” of the event was a way to bring people together to advocate for something they are all passionate about. 

Decorated with a photo booth area, balloons and empowerment posters for attendees, the event coordinators encouraged a casual environment to promote unity. Attendees were also able to take part in a Women’s History Month trivia activity.

By inviting artists to showcase their artwork, the event hosts strived to create a platform for female artists who portrayed feminine strength in their work. Due to the limited response from artists, the art expo was unable to make its debut as scheduled.

Micah McCutchan, a senior political science and public administration major and president of the Northern Iowa Feminists has been involved in the student organization for about two years. She said that her passion for gender equality and female empowerment continues to grow. As one of the head planners for the event, McCutchan made a point of welcoming each attendee to the festivities with open arms. 

“I don’t think there’s a lot of time spent appreciating each others’ presence,” McCutchan said.

The kickoff event was intended to be a change in pace for members and non-members of the NI Feminists. By welcoming all people in a non-stress environment, McCutchan said that she hoped to emphasize the importance of inclusion for all people and get to know strong people who value equality. 

The Women’s History Month Kickoff exists to raise awareness about Women’s History Month and all that is suggested by the month itself. 

Events during Women’s History Month hope to raise awareness about past and present issues women face. Groups like CME, WGS and NI Feminists promote diversity and inclusion through educational programs. 

The Northern Iowa Feminists sponsor and hold many events throughout the year, along with advocating for diversity and equality at UNI and beyond. Other events throughout the month of March will be held to commemorate the power of women throughout history. These events will encourage diversity and inclusivity. Some upcoming events sponsored by the Northern Iowa Feminists include a Wiki Edit-a-Thon, Imagining America and Women in War. For more information regarding WGS and events like these, visit https://csbs.uni.edu/womenstudies.