Bennethum: we are living in weird times


There is no doubt about it that life is really weird right now. Our normals and consistencies have been torn away from us, leaving uncharted territory to be explored. I, along with the rest of my peers have felt this to an extreme and there is no doubt about it that I have been struggling to grasp on to this new normal. If you had lived in the dorms, like many other students, you felt the rush and urgency to get to Cedar Falls to pack and leave again being left with what felt like an absolute fever dream. 

I wanted to also take this opportunity and platform to tell all the students that I am sorry you have to go through this. We have been handed one crappy thing after another. I understand some of us don’t just get to go home. College is where your home may be, and I sincerely hope you are doing okay. I hope every single student, faculty, and staff whether they be at UNI or Iowa, or Iowa state is doing the best that they can to transition to the new season of life we are all currently experiencing. 

However, in the midst of the storm I have gotten to experience a community ban together to face this pandemic head on. I have seen professors change their whole schedule to accommodate students with whatever needs or concerns they may have and faculty of student workers adhere to the students at home resources. Along with students, this is also new for professors. We need to be sure we are thinking of them, and thanking them for what they are doing for us.

I also understand everybody is getting an insane amount of information thrown at them and it can be overwhelming and scary. I wanted to take this time to give students some online educational resources and factual resources to make sure correct information is being spread instead of fake news and misrepresented data. 

Rod Library has provided multiple online resources for students to use during the online instruction. Rod Library is here to ensure your success, even from home. 

In the midst of all these changes we need to remind ourselves of the credible sources to get our information from and to avoid all the fake news spreading in the media. Listen to doctors and other health professionals. Here are a list of credible resources: