UNI releases update on reimbursements, credit/no credit classes and spring commencement

Gabrielle Leitner, Art Director | [email protected]

On Monday, March 30, the UNI administration released an update regarding U-Bill credits, course grading extensions and spring commencement.

According to the statement, students who moved out of the dorms by March 23 should expect to see a refund for 47 nights, or 39.17% of the spring semester. Students who applied for storage in UNI’s residence halls will also be eligible for this refund.

Students with a dining plan will receive a refund for 43.12% of their spring semester dining plan, in addition to a full refund of their remaining Dining Dollars.

Students will be refunded 44.30% of their lab fees and 43.2% of their recreation fees for the semester.

All students who have purchased parking passes for the spring semester, including usage of the B, C, CP, M and R lots, will receive a prorated credit unless the student is currently staying on campus. Students do not need to return their parking passes after the end of the semester.

According to the statement, the April U-Bill will be processed on April 6 instead of April 1 to allow all credits to be applied.

The deadline to apply for the “Credit/No Credit” status on classes is extended to May 8. This decision was made in order to “give student[s] more time to make decisions that best fit their unique and changing needs,” according to the update.

Additionally, the university is working on a virtual commencement ceremony to honor those set to graduate in May. Graduating seniors will also be invited to participate in the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 commencement ceremonies.

The full statement can be viewed at https://prepare.uni.edu/u-bill-credits-course-grading-extensions-and-commencement.