UNI Counseling Center moves to telehealth appointments amid COVID-19




As students transition to online learning at home due to COVID-19,  students will still be able to access mental health resources while not on campus.

The UNI Counseling Center has transitioned to telehealth appointments in order to reach students they cannot see in person. This includes Zoom and phone call appointments with a counselor. An online consent form is needed in order to conduct sessions in this format, and a counselor will forward an online form to students before beginning services. Students who already have meetings scheduled will also need to fill out the consent form, but then will continue to meet during those scheduled times. 

The Counseling Center has also ensured that an on-call counselor is available for all students over the phone.

With students facing many challenges as new schedules are introduced and events are cancelled, students are encouraged to maintain a form of routine in their schedules. 

“In the initial days of learning, things were shutting down, [and] we all worked hard to find alternative ways to do high-priority things, like classes and securing basic needs,” said Jennifer Schneiderman, director of the UNI Counseling Center. “Once students settle into their new normal for those high priority needs, it is good to think about how to do the other parts of life in new ways.”

Schneiderman also recommends students make time for Zoom meetings, FaceTime calls and other forms of online communication in order to maintain social connections during this time. 

“We all need to be creative and look to the technologies available to us to stay connected to one another and check in on each other,” she said.

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention has additional resources for mental health care during this time at afsp.org/story/taking-care-of-your-mental-health-in-the-face-of-uncertainty.

Students who would like to set up a telehealth appointment can contact the UNI Counseling Center at 319- 273-2676.