UNI Outdoors to clean up George Wyth Trail

UNI outdoor is inviting students to clean up George Wyth Trail on Saturday, Oct. 10.

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UNI outdoor is inviting students to clean up George Wyth Trail on Saturday, Oct. 10.


On Saturday, 1Oct. 10, UNI Outdoors is hosting their George Wyth Trail Clean-Up. In this pandemic age where quarantine has trapped a lot of people indoors, the organization has been rethinking their programs and how to interact with the community. As part of this remodel, they have decided to bring back their trail clean-up event , which they have not held for the last few years.

The George Wyth trail is something that has great significance within the community. Used by thousands of people every year, the UNI Outdoors hopes to work on multiple trails in this area during the event, providing maintenance to them to help keep them open and clean for the public. Students will have the option to clean up the trail in multiple different ways.

“There are many ways to clean up a trail,” said Logan Hoile, a graduate assistant and trip coordinator for UNI Outdoors. “Picking up trash is something everyone can do, and we can do so throughout the year.”

Hoile further talked about different cleaning methods adding that students could also remove down branches or trees, recommending participants to take initiative on their own. 

So far, only about a few students have signed up for the event, but Hoile is hoping to have at least 10-20 volunteers signed up. He is working towards getting student organizations involved for the event too so students can clean up amongst themselves, learn about each other and bridge the gaps in student organizations across campus. 

Covid may have made things tough, but Hoile believes that this event is a great way to get students outdoors at local parks and help the environment.