UNI doctoral student wins Mrs. Iowa Competition


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On Sept. 20, UNI student Glynis Worthington was crowned Mrs. Iowa. Worthington’s goal is to make a difference in the way people see physical activity in those over 50.


UNI doctoral student Glynis Worthington won the title of Mrs. Iowa at the Sept. 20th competition in Pittsburg, Kan. After previously claiming the title of Mrs. Cedar Valley, Worthington entered the competition after the Senior Games were cancelled, which she planned on participating in.

The pageant events Worthington participated in were an interview, a cocktail dress competition, an evening gown competition and a bathing suit competition. She noted that her nerves were high when preparing for the stage competition.

“When the lights went down and it was time to do the show, however, my feet ended up going the direction they were supposed to go,” she said.

For the competition, Worthington made the decision to buy her clothes from thrift stores. This decision was based on her desires to have more time for her family and not manage her product consumption. She remarked that thrift shopping has been her primary form of clothes shopping for 20 years.

Worthington spent 22 years as a stay-at-home mother and has recently decided to pursue a doctoral degree in education, specializing in health, recreation and community service.

“I plan to live to be 100,” Worthington said. “I’d like to work until I’m 80, so I have at least 20 years available to dedicate to a career.”

Worthington’s goals after graduation in Dec. are to make a difference in how people see physical activity in those over 50 years of age.

“I believe community-based competitive sports like we have in school could be something older adults might like to do,” said Worthington. “Programs like these are usually federally-funded and require scientific evidence of their positive impacts, and the research is often not considered ‘real’ without a doctor of some kind involved in the study.  So I decided to become that doctor.”

Now having two titles, Worthington wants to advocate for more women to participate in pageants in the future.

“There are many talented and able ‘Mrs’ women here that would represent us well!” said Worthington.

Worthington will also compete in Nationals in Las Vegas from Jan. 22-29th. The event will be televised for those who would like to see her compete.

Those wanting to follow Worthington on her journey can follow her on Instagram @thrifty_momma_g