How to have a safe Halloween during COVID-19


Even with the pandemic going on, some of us will still be looking for distractions during the Halloween season. Even though we should all probably just stay inside, let’s just face the spooky darkness and admit that people are still going to go out and about. This will serve as a guide to still have fun at a safe distance.

First, the trick or treating aspect. Some parents may try to take the kids out anyway, but do not allow them to walk up to your door. Instead, create a contraption that will let you know that you have guests approaching your door. To avoid contact, throw large king-size candy bars at them. The little fun-size candy bars will just end up everywhere and you want the trick or treaters gone as soon as possible. Avoid hitting children in the eyes when you throw the bars because the parents might end up suing you. You could also leave a large bowl outside, but that’s not as fun.

Students and some adults will still be going to bars or large house parties. If you are the type of personality that requires others to drink by your side, there are a few options. Instead of going out to the bars, create your own personal bar. If you can not afford the material to build one, just use your dining room table. If you happen to be a broke college student, just use the floor. If someone or a few people need to spend the night, make sure you have the room for people to spend the night.

It’s also basically required to watch horror films on Halloween night. Start by making measurements to keep everyone at a safe distance. If somebody wants to watch a film with you and there is no more room, just have them on Zoom. If you have a friend that doesn’t enjoy horror films, just don’t invite them. Hollywood makes other films that they can watch by themselves.

Lastly, the costumes. You can still dress up and post photos of your costume to Instagram. Of course, they can be expensive, so try wearing it all day to get your money’s worth out of it. For fun costume ideas, try wearing a hazmat suit or dress up as a doomsday prepper. Make sure you buy lots of green bean cans so that the look will be more authentic. A post-apocalypse survivor is also a strong choice. You can just use your old clothes for that and you don’t have to take a shower for a week.

Hopefully, this guide will allow you to have a safe time during Halloween. The last piece of advice is to think about others or just stay at home by yourself and eat all the candy, watch whatever you want and drink alone, but that may be too depressing.