Gov. Kim Reynolds is not for Iowa


Governor Kim Reynolds has removed most of her coronavirus restrictions for Iowa businesses. Already, many individuals have suggested the reasoning for this was the upcoming Super Bowl. As of right now, the Super Bowl angle is just a conspiracy theory, but what if there were more to it? The person who should be answering this question is the economy. Why the economy? The way the news addresses the economy, one might begin to think it is a deity, or something more important than human life.

Think back to the newscasts when COVID-19 was just starting. Of course, they are going to talk about the stock market and the economy, but during a time of crisis when fellow citizens are dying, is it appropriate to talk about it so much? Businesses need to stay open as people have to earn a wage. Since most Americans are not able to earn a living wage, they must work extra jobs. The economy doesn’t work two jobs, and it receives all the press it wants.

When the discussion of saving the working class is brought up, apparently working citizens are just going to have to wait to receive more stimulus checks. If the DOW goes down, then the country is in a true crisis. Keeping a football game on television is far more important than making sure everyone has enough money to buy food for a week. Thinking about it, this isn’t the first time America has ignored its citizens.

There are homeless people, veterans, students, the disabled and minorities, and each of these groups suffer in different ways, some far more than others. Their pleas often go unheard or have poor representation within the media, but the stock market always has plenty of screen time. It might as well be a co-anchor on every television station. What is the pressing matter, how everyone is treated or what does the economy require of us today?

Before the inauguration of President Joe Biden, there seemed to be far more attention on keeping the graphs up and not keeping people’s stress down. It’s a terrible thought to have, but American culture has taught its citizens that keeping the economy going is the only truth that matters; everything else can be tossed aside. The only reason to help a neighbor out is if it raises your stock. There is nothing wrong with working to make your own life easier but during a pandemic, everyone should be looking out for each other.

The theory about reopening for the Super Bowl could hold some weight, but it’s about the local business. It seems to be a ploy to increase the economy in Iowa and keep the money flow going. Supporting local business is a great idea, and right now it’s the right plan, but it must be done smartly and safely. By allowing the mask mandate to dissipate, the Governor is sending out a message that the coronavirus is not as deadly as the government has  led us to believe. Even with some Iowans receiving vaccines, there is no reason to destroy any safety protocols. They are meant to keep everyone safe and slow down the spread of the virus, without them, then the virus will speed up.

Hopefully, after this virus has passed, the survivors will be able to look back and realize where some leader’s allegiances lied. They made their beds with something that couldn’t be touched or conversed with.