UNI unveils new logo, branding


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Después de dos años de investigación y trabajo. UNI presenta su nueva identidad visual que incluye nuevos logotipos, una página web actualizado y ligeros ajustes de color.

EMMA'LE MAAS, Executive Editor

The University of Northern Iowa has officially clawed away from its former logo, presenting a new rebranding effort on Tuesday, Feb. 9. 

According to a news release by the university, talks of the rebranding began in 2018 when the school wanted to develop a “comprehensive brand strategy that unifies storytelling and visual identities across a diverse campus.”

With the new brand came a completely new website as well, which many students took a liking to.

Freshman undecided major Marcus Olsen said, “I like it. It looks a lot cleaner and (is) easier to navigate.”

The website is being built in several phases, as outlined from an email from Cassie Mathes, UNI Director of Public Relations. 

“The website redesign will take place in six strategic phases over the next 12 months,” she wrote. “We are currently working with the remaining units in Phase I to complete their new sites this spring.”

The new logo maintains the standard “University of Northern Iowa” while also highlighting “UNI,” a decision that was purposeful, according to the website.

“From our alma mater and fight song, to our students, graduates and supporters, our legacy is in these three beloved letters,” the website states. “Our primary logo reinforces this legacy, by incorporating ‘UNI’ in our mark.”

With the new rebranding, the logos and brand of UNI Athletics will remain untouched. 

Not everyone was thrilled with the new look.

Elementary education major and junior Erin Hassenstab said, “It’s fine; it wasn’t anything super earth-shattering.” 

Junior earth science major Trishyan Anthony agreed, saying, “I think it’s kind of boring.”

The university released a promotional video stating, “The new UNI brand we’re launching today connects us and brings us together – uniting our past, present and future. Now is the time to be bold. Be strong. And share our story with the world.”

While creating the new brand, the university claims to have surveyed “more than 3,000” individuals on their ideas and perspectives.

In a university email, President Mark Nook expressed his support.

“Our brand reflects how we want our stakeholders to feel when they think of UNI – a strong, vibrant, modern university that is leaning into the future,” he said.

In her email, Mathes said, “One of the most important aspects of this process is that we took time as an institution to collaborate with partners across campus. This has brought a multitude of perspectives, and will ensure that we maintain consistency into the future.”

Although the logo and university website are two of the most prominent changes with the new rebranding effort, many other aspects of the university’s public image are also affected. For more information about the changes and the new brand, visit brand.uni.edu.