The US needs the third stimulus bill, save your citizens


The America Rescue Plan or also known as the COVID-19 relief bill passed through the House on February 27, early in the morning. Which is a good thing, most of us do need more money, rent really isn’t going to pay itself. Although, every Republican voted against the bill, which also included the $15-dollar minimum wage increase. The Senate however believes the pay hike cannot be passed under any reconciliation. It’s another way of saying the bill’s budget will not work for some members. With the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation program ending on March 14, people need cash more than ever now, but some politicians have blinders on.

What could be the reasons for those blinders? One reason is they may think the coronavirus will disappear since the vaccines are out and about. Trying to outlast is probably one of their big brain ideas, because if there is no more virus, then the need to dispense money is no longer needed. Americans have only received two stimulus checks during the last year. For the “world’s greatest country” it can’t give out a monthly stimulus check for its citizens, and is telling of how America views its citizens.

A second blinder would be if political members probably don’t realize how bad people are suffering. When a state senator can retreat to Cancun, make jokes about running away at CPAC, while children freeze to death in their state, there must obviously not be much wrong now. If the minimum wage was raised to $15-dollars an hour, it would help 1.2 million Americans out of the poverty zone. When those who claim that they are protecting you by closing borders from others, getting your jobs back from other countries and promise to fix a “stolen” election, also ignore your pleas for extra money just to survive, you might want to rethink what political party you take part in.   

It’s a little hard to take in that our representative would rather let people starve than give out a small handout, but world hunger isn’t going away anytime soon, so should anyone be surprised about politicians not caring about one country starving? When it’s taking a long time for a little handout to be given out, even with it not being a monthly proposal, it’s obvious that maybe it’s time for a new generation to represent the nation, instead of the same old privileged white men.