Blue Demons beat Panthers 3-1 last Sunday

UNI falls to 6-8 on the season with their non-conference defeat to DePaul last Sunday.


The UNI volleyball team took on the Depaul Blue Demons last Sunday for a non-conference matchup. Coming into match, the Blue Demons were 3-5 on the season and the Panthers were 6-7. The first set was a close, back-and-forth one. With neither team leading by two points, the game continued until the final ended up at 32-30 in favor of the Blue Demons. The second set saw the Panthers battle back to win by a score of 26 to 24. 

With the game tied 1-1, the third set was underway. DePaul went onto win the third set by a score of 25 to 20 following another close battle. They then finished off the match with a score of 25 to 19 in the fourth set to win the match 3-1 over the Panthers.

On the day, the Blue Devils had 58 digs to UNI’s 47. They also had more assists with 52 to 48. UNI did record more blocks than their opponent, where they had three more than DePaul.  Leading the way for the Panthers was Tayler Alden, who led the team with 38 assists and five aces. Also leading the Panthers was Kayliss Arndorfer who had 12 kills and eight blocks for the match.

UNI’s next two volleyball matches are this next Sunday and Monday against Valparaiso in Valparaiso, Ind.  UNI is now 6-8 on the season, with the chance to return to a .500 record in their next two games.