Why buy local? Benefits of the College Hill Farmers Market

Vendor at the College Hill Farmers Market handing out food to customers.


The College Hill Farmers’ Market, located on 22nd Street in Cedar Falls, is a source of fresh produce and homemade goods for students and the Cedar Falls community. The farmers’ market is set up for business every Thursday from 4pm – 6pm until the end of October. Customers can also shop online at “Curbside Market” and pick up their products during market hours.

Vendors offer handmade jewelry, novelty cards, meats, vegetables, snacks, and more. All are sold directly from local producers and craftsmen meaning there is no third party interference.  Furthermore, many of the vendors harvest their food products on the morning of the market, making the produce offered on College Hill fresher and cleaner than what one could find at the grocery store. Eric Jensen from “Yellow Table Farm” says he begins harvesting his organic produce at 6 a.m. every Thursday so that his customers can get the freshest possible product.

According to the manager of the College Hill Farmers’ Market, Jodie Huegerich, the event is the only market in Cedar Falls that is an authorized SNAP/EBT retailer. So, not only does the College Hill Farmers’ Market accept SNAP/EBT payments, but they also offer $10 of market credit for SNAP/EBT shoppers so that they can spend even more on fresh fruits and vegetables.

Shopping at the College Hill Farmers’ Market provides a better experience in contrast to buying products from corporate retailers. One of the main benefits of shopping locally is buyers can ask the producer questions directly. While it is usually possible to get in touch with a customer service representative for a company selling at a grocery store, farmers’ market customers can talk to the person who grew the food face to face. 

Sellers at the farmers’ market also have a personal connection to the community. They care more about their customers and the environment. Mark Westbrock of Solstice Farm in Waverly takes great steps to be a sustainable food source for his community.  He does this by refraining from using chemicals on his produce, raising his poultry in humane conditions outside, and selling locally to avoid shipping carbon emissions.

Shoppers at the College Hill Farmers’ Market can trust that they are making the best choice for themselves, their community, and their environment. Additional information about the College Hill Farmers’ Market can be found on their social media at College Hill Farmers’ Market on Facebook and collegehillfm on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.