Bartlett Hall – From the NI archives


Karla DeBruin

Bartlett Hall was one of the first dorms and was where the women lived. After they took down Baker Hall they moved a lot of departments into Bartlett. In 2018 they re-opened Bartlett as offices in the whole building.

NI Archives

Referenced from the College Eye, printed Sept. 29, 1915. 

Up to the year of nineteen fifteen all students have been in quartered in private houses, but this year the new dormitory known as Bartlett Hall opened its doors to one hundred and twenty four students.

Bartlett Hall is named in honor of Professor Bartlett, the senior professor in what was formerly the Iowa State Normal school. Professor Bartlett was a native of New England, so it seems quite appropriate that the new dormitory have a colonial touch in its architectural plan.

The exterior, perhaps, can not justly be commented upon because it constitutes only one half of a quadrangle which is to be completed, by another hall, similar in construction.

As we reach the interior we see, first the lobby, with its settees, and fireplace, and piano and some beautiful as well as comfortable rockers.

We next enter the parlors with their appropriate furnishings, including some splendid reproductions of such great paintings as Turners Sunset.

The draperies and the upholstering on the chairs  and settees are a beautiful blue. The floors are covered in Whittall rugs which add greatly to the cozy appearance of the rooms.

Mrs. Marion McFarland Walker and Miss Lillian Goodwin purchased the furnishings and deserve much credit for their tasteful choice.

The girls’ dwelling rooms or the dormitory (etymologically), proper, are furnished with a bed, two chairs, a dresser, two study tables, a rocker, and a large arclight. Each room is equipped with a lavatory, hot and cold water, and two roomy closets. Besides this there are four shower bath room on each floor for general use.

So much for the equipment and furnishings. But we want to say just a word about the government.

The government of Bartlett hall is under the general supervision of Miss Helen Broeksmits, Head of House, be student control.

In the first place an upperclassmen will be appointed House Chairmen. She together with our other students will constitute the House Committee. The other persons are to be chosen, one from each wing, to act as proctors, in the four wards. These proctors hold office for four week. In addition to these proctors there will be appointed a kitchenette proctor, who will probably be familiarly known as the “Candy Kid.” A social chairman will be chosen a little later to arrange the social events of Bartlett Hall.

With this governmental machinery then, Miss Brocksmit proposes to govern the six score and four girls who are making Bartlett Hall their college home.

In justice to the public we think it might be of general interest to know at least those rules which concern the department of state. Of course after ten o’clock no noise, except snoring and hte sighs of those enjoying sit-ups for examination, are tolerated, and it is requested that the former be indulged in as little as possible.

Calling hours will be observed on Friday and Saturday evenings and on Sundays from 8 until 9:30.