ITTC today

Karla DeBruin, Managing Editor

In 1993 the East Gymnasium appeared on the Board of Regents five year capital improvement for a $9.3 million remodeling project. The WRC would be finished the next year, and the east gymnasium was a “swing space,” or a space that was used for departments that didn’t have their own facilities. 

They wanted the east gymnasium to be a model, technologically-advanced instructional facility. Early plans wanted the Department of Geography to move into the building. Or other campus programs such as the Center for Educational Technology, the Center for the Enhancement of Teaching, and the Center for Academic Achievement. 

In 2004 the plans were finalized, the interiors and exteriors would be completely renovated. The pool would be removed, and the entrance on the east side would be the main point of entry. The old gymnasium would be divided into two levels. There was a plan for an elevated catwalk from the ITTC to the Rod Library, which was later abandoned. 

The renovations were completed in early 2006.