Summer orientation staff needed

UNI is accepting applications for summer orientation staff in 2022. Those who are hired will work from mid-May to the end of Jul and will receive a $2,000 stipend as well as free housing and meals.


UNI searching for 10-15 more students to welcome incoming class of 2022 to campus

The search is still in progress for summer orientation staff to welcome the incoming class of 2022. UNI is looking for individuals to serve as orientation leaders, and the application deadline has been extended to Monday, Nov. 8.

Hired students will work from approximately mid-May to the end of July for in-person orientation. They will lead small groups of students throughout their orientation days, aiding with class registration, helping with their overnight stays and answering any questions they have. The goal is to make incoming students feel welcome and comfortable as they make their first moves as Panthers.

As of right now, the orientation team is seeking out 10-15 students to fill these roles. Those hired will receive a $2,300 stipend, as well as free housing and meals during their work period.

“If you ask me, being an orientation staff member is probably one of the best jobs on campus,” says orientation coordinator Joellen Hatchett. 

She says that students who have served as orientation staff in the past have greatly valued the opportunity to thoroughly learn about all of the available resources at UNI through their training.  “They know about all the different parts of campus so they find themselves being a good resource for not only the students in their orientation groups but also their friends and even for themselves,” Hatchett says.

She emphasizes the connections forged during this experience, saying, “The staff are usually a pretty connected group after each summer. Those friendships will last a lifetime.”  

The benefits of this position can also be seen on the professional level as students improve their communication skills. “You learn a lot, so I think being able to put that into practice and share that information with other people is an important skill that students gain,” Hatchett adds.

She encourages all students to apply, saying, “We want to have a cohesive team of different people with different personalities because we know students will connect with different types of people. Don’t feel like you have to be a super outgoing person to be a part of orientation staff. We’re also looking for those cool, calm and collected people who maybe are more in the background that some of those students will connect to as well.” 

The application can be accessed online at, and any students with questions can reach out to Hatchett at [email protected].  

She assures those interested that the application only takes about 15 minutes to fill out. Once applications have been reviewed, students will complete an interview before they go home for Thanksgiving break. Ideally the staff will be put together by the end of the fall semester, and they will meet a few times throughout the spring semester before training officially begins in mid-May.

Hatchett leaves students with the following advice: “If you’re thinking about applying, do it. The worst thing that could happen is you’re told no, but the best thing that could happen is you have the best summer of your life.”