Car thefts and burglaries reported on campus


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Chief of UNI Police Helen Haire recommends students keep their vehicles locked to prevent car thefts.


The UNI Department of Public Safety reported multiple burglarized and stolen vehicles last weekend to students in a safety bulletin email.

According to Helen Haire, the Chief of Police and Director of Public Safety, the thefts occurred at various times and locations. 

Haire reported that three vehicles were stolen, along with belongings from other vehicles. Of the three vehicles that were reported stolen last weekend, Haire said that two have been recovered. She went on to explain how police departments work collaboratively on recovering stolen vehicles. “Two of the vehicles stolen from campus (were) recovered locally, but also in the last week, UNI PD recovered three vehicles stolen from other parts of the state.” 

Haire also stated that UNI PD is investigating the burglaries to help ensure that students and their belongings can remain safe on campus. 

She also explained students can help take precautionary measures to make sure their belongings remain safe. Students can make sure their vehicles are secured by always making sure to lock their vehicle, whether parking on or off-campus.  

Along with locking vehicles, remove any valuable belongings from your car. 

Haire explained that as it nears the holiday season, taking this measure to secure your vehicle is extremely important. Lastly, remove all spare keys or key fobs from your vehicle to prevent thefts. 

While UNI PD is working extensively to assist students in providing a safe environment on campus, they encourage students to be proactive in the safety of themselves and their belongings. By following the list of precautions above and UNI PD’s advice students can keep their vehicles safe. 

If you have any questions or information about the burglaries themselves, you can contact the UNI Department of Public Safety at (319) 273-2712.