CAB seeking new members

Karla DeBruin, Managing Editor

The Campus Activities Board (CAB) is currently looking for new members. CAB organises many events on campus throughout the school year. Some of the more popular events include Maucker Union Live, Sip & Paint and concerts like Sean Kingston last semester. 

Helen Beyer, CAB’s director of operations says, “CAB is an extremely important organization here on campus because it allows you to take a break from classes and homework and anything else you have going on, and escape to do something entertaining. We absolutely love seeing joy students have when they come to events. Whenever a student comes up to us and tells us how much they loved the event, that lets us know that we are creating a difference on campus.” 

To apply to be a part of CAB you can go to their website or visit the link on their bio on Instagram (uni_cab). The application process is really easy, all you do is input your basic information and they will set up an interview with each applicant. 

Beyer strongly encourages students to apply. She says, “the biggest thing that students will get out of CAB is leadership experience, time management, marketing, hospitality, teamwork and the chance to plan their own event from start to finish.”

But if you’re not interested in applying make sure to check out some of their upcoming events: Casino Night on Feb. 8, Coffeehouse Karaoke on Feb. 24 and Sip & Paint on March 22. Beyer is excited for Panther Hot One on March 30 where students have the chance to try the world’s hottest hot sauces. If you plan on going to these events make sure you register for the event on the CAB website or the link in their Instagram bio (uni_cab). 

For Beyer she has been involved in CAB since her freshman year and she says, “this organization has taught me so much about myself and has helped me grow into the person I am today.” She really encourages people to get involved on campus. “Even if it is not CAB, I encourage students to get involved on campus. We work very closely with the Office of Student involvement and we really want students to get involved in something that they are passionate about. There are over 200 clubs and organizations on campus, and there is something out there for everyone.” 

Find more event information on CAB’s website