Bookstore features alum’s apparel



UNI alum Mikal Settle will be on campus Feb. 21 to share more about his entrepreneurial journey.

EMMA KOEHLER, Managing Editor

Mikal Settle’s apparel will be featured in the UNI Bookstore the month of February

Mikal Settle, UNI alum of 2020 and founder of Blaise Training, will have a pop-up apparel feature in UNI’s bookstore for the month of February. Settle’s business, known as Blaise Training, is a personal training hub for physical and mental development that offers individual sessions, fitness coaching, online training, workout programs and apparel.

Featured apparel includes a specially designed panther shirt, clothing with Settle’s business logo and Blaise Training leggings. 

Behind Settle’s logo, apparel, and his own last name is the phrase “Never Settle,” a motivation to keep working and achieve goals. 

“It’s having something that is going to give people the motivational factor as far as not just clothing, but in any aspect of their life,” said Settle. 

Settle recalled reaching out to the UNI bookstore as one of his goals for his business to gain more exposure. Bookstore retail manager, Sally Rayzor, decided it could be a great opportunity for both Settle and the bookstore. Funny enough, Rayzor and her team of assistant buyer and floor coordinator, Tami Popenhagen, and marketing specialist, Alex Brandt, were already having thoughts about how to feature individuals of UNI in the bookstore. 

“Just to be able to bring that into the store and create a culture of welcoming and pride in the alma mater,” said Rayzor. “It was kind of a coincidence that we were talking about that before Mikal reached out to us, so when I looked at his apparel, I thought this would be a really good fit!”

Rayzor and her team suggested Settle’s apparel be featured in the winter months of the new year, as it is usually a slower month, and more people are inclined to become involved in their health and fitness. Settle had similar thoughts, especially as February is Black History Month. 

“You have a young black entrepreneur here, people are more likely to support during this time,” said Settle. “To have it in the bookstore during Black History Month, at the school I graduated from, I feel like that’s history in itself.” 

As for the future, Settle hopes to continue to expand his apparel across college campuses. Even further into the future, he hopes for his business to become even bigger to be able to give his family and friends a place within it. It is important to Settle to generate generational wealth from his business as a secure foundation for those most important to him. Also of interest is to implement additional technology in terms of his training and apparel to continue to improve and spread his motivation. 

“The key is always being willing to learn and if you’re always willing then you’re probably never going to give up and if you are willing to learn from any position you’re put in, there is no way you can lose,” said Settle.  

Settle will be on campus on Feb. 21 to share more about his entrepreneurial journey and how to start and grow a business. More on his business, Blaise Training, and his apparel, Never Settle, can be found on his website at and Instagram at blaisetraining.