Film Appreciation Club features ‘best worst movie ever’


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The Film Appreciation Club featured “The Room” Feb 18 highlighting Tommy Wiseau’s captivatingly horrible acting.

THEO ALDER, Staff Writer

“The Room” was played last Friday night featuring spoons and other shenanigans 

 Spoons upon spoons upon spoons. The worst best movie ever, “The Room,” was featured at the film appreciation club last Friday. The night kicked off with pizza, drinks and of course spoons for the viewing. Every time a spoon appears on screen, usually appearing in a generic picture frame inside Johnny’s (Tommy Wiseau) house, audience members are supposed to chuck their spoon at the screen. And at Friday’s viewing, spoons were flying. 

“The Room” claims its title of being “the worst best movie ever,” by stitching together one sex scene and passing it off as two different sex scenes in different moments in the film. This film was creative in its effort to ignore continuity and created an entire set on top of a fake rooftop, along with some noticeable CGI skyline of San Francisco.  

The triple threat, Wiseau not only acted in this movie, but wrote and directed the film as well.  At the beginning of the viewing within the opening credits, there were roars of cheering from the audience as Wiseau’s name appeared on the screen. 

At the viewing, famous lines were yelled out alongside the actors on screen much like “Rocky Horror Picture Show.” “You’re tearing me apart, Lisa!” Echoed throughout the theatre – often with more passion than Wiseau himself. Although this film lacks a basic plot, many people in the audience had a great time watching it with lots of laughter and funny comments throughout the show. 

None of these performances from the film were nominated for awards, but the audience had a great time listening to actors deliver iconic lines that Wiseau wrote himself. Although the writing seems random at times, the audience had a great time booing and laughing at the somewhat crazy events on screen.