NISG recognizes extraordinary student orgs

Student Admissions Ambassador (SAA) have served as the “base of UNI” and have been around since 1987.

NISG Senator

The Northern Iowa Student Government (NISG) is excited to announce that the Campus Relations Committee has started a “Positive Highlight” for student organizations/individuals who bring a positive atmosphere to our campus community. We have selected three recipients for the beginning of February and three for the end of February. The recipients for the beginning of February are the Black Student Union, Student Admissions Ambassadors and the Panther Pantry; the recipients for the end of February are the Office of International Engagement, the UNI Cultural and Intensive English Program and the Sustainability Committee. We want to publicly congratulate these organizations for doing an outstanding job of making a positive impact on our campus. If you would like to nominate a student organization, there is a Positive Highlight nomination form you can fill out on the NISG website under applications.

Scan the QR code below to get to the NISG website.