Traditions Keeper Ceremony

There’s still time to submit your traditions! Email CATS at [email protected].

Karla DeBruin, Managing Editor

As another semester ends and students leave campus, some graduating students will be initiated as Tradition Keepers of UNI. Each semester students can complete the traditions challenge, which includes going to events on campus, like men’s basketball games, campaniling and attending Grad Fests. Put together by Connecting Alumni to Students (CATS), participating in the challenge is a great way to have the best Panther experience.

For CATS advisor Sarah Craw, “UNI’s traditions are the aspects of campus life that continue over generations of Panthers and make the UNI experience what it is. The Traditions Challenge helps connect past, present, and future Panthers through shared experiences that have been passed down through decades of students.” 

On the evening of April 26, students who completed the challenge attended the Traditions Keeper Ceremony. The students who complete 25 of these traditions will get a pin, and the ones who complete 45 will receive a medallion. Craw says there are currently six pins and 67 medallions being given to the graduating spring class of 2022. But it’s not too late to submit your traditions, you can submit until commencement.  

To Craw, “The Traditions Challenge exists to help students have an unforgettable Panther experience. We hope students will enjoy documenting their time on campus to complete the traditions, but the most important thing is to make memories. Try new things, support your fellow Panthers, explore the Cedar Valley and have fun!” If you want to submit your traditions there’s still time. You can email CATS at [email protected].