Best places to cry on campus


Botanical Center

The UNI Botanical Center is a gorgeous area filled with nooks and crannies that are shielded by a plethora of plants. The greenhouse is a perfect place for students who are feeling blue. For those who’re self-conscious about crying in front of others but still want some company, the Botanical Center contains a fish pond as well as two lovely tropical birds: Chiquita and Columbo. These angsty birds are both squawkers, so don’t worry about holding back sobs.

ROD Library

With four floors, there are plenty of places in Rod library for students who are having stressful days. The library’s main floor is actually the second floor of the entire building, and they label the basement as the first floor. The basement contains the UNI Museum along with rows of bookshelves and places to sit and study. There’s also a Keurig and vending machine area to buy drinks, food and K-cups for students that need a little boost. The main floor has the most traffic area, but students can reserve the soundproof audio recording room online at as well as the study rooms on the upper floors. The study rooms aren’t the most soundproof, but there’s usually a lot less foot traffic. There are also seating areas on the top floors where one can solely look out the window and watch the world go by.

Alcove Behind Chats

Maucker Union is a hotspot among students for studying, socializing, and eating. Maucker contains a food court, Essentials convenience store, and Chats coffeehouse. Behind Chats is a less populated area that’s way more spacious than it looks at first glance. In this alcove are nooks and crannies that make great places to cry. In the very back is a warm, cozy little spot. The area doesn’t have a door that separates it from the rest of the room, but stepping through the arch feels like one is being transported into a whole different world. In this particular spot, students of the present can see the signatures and messages from the students of the past. A majority of the comments aren’t inspirational per se, but it’s fascinating to see the mark other students decide to leave on campus.

Music Practice Rooms 

Throughout Russell Hall and GBPAC are music practice rooms, and these rooms are accessible to all students no matter their major or minor. These buildings have undergone some renovations, so some rooms are definitely more private than others. However, the sound of crying will definitely be lost amidst all the other students practicing their instruments. Besides, the noise of tears is familiar to music students’ ears. A majority of the practice rooms contain a piano, so it’s the perfect place to play some sad chords and relish in those sad vibes.

Bartlett Hall

Originally a dormitory, Bartlett Hall is now most known for being the home base of UNI’s Humanities and Social Science departments, Spanish department, the North American Review and the study abroad center. This building is divided into two sections: Bartlett and East Bartlett. Although many faculty offices reside in Bartlett, many of the halls in this five-level “maze” are barely walked through. At the end of each hallway resides a library seating area. This area doesn’t have a door, but the wall shields anyone who decides to curl up in the corner. Since some of the people who roam Bartlett Hall are connected to literature and poetry as well as philosophy and psychology, stumbling upon someone contemplating life’s existence isn’t an unnatural occurrence.

Campbell Courtyard 

Across from the Towers is a now abandoned dormitory known as Campbell Hall. The inside isn’t accessible to students, but there’s an opening outside that leads to the courtyard. The courtyard doesn’t allow for much privacy since it’s expansive, but there are seldom any people. It’s a good place to go if one wants some peace on a nice day. Befriend a bird or UNI’s army of squirrels, and take a moment to slow down from the hectic life of a college student.

UNI Health Clinic

Located across from Lawther and beside Schindler is the UNI Health Clinic. Every UNI student is able to receive 5 free therapy sessions, and there is always a therapist on-call. This can be a great option when it comes to crying and needing to talk to someone, especially in the beginning of the semester. The earlier a student makes an appointment, the more options are available when it comes to scheduling. One-on-one therapy sessions can be daunting, so students may also go to group counseling sessions at specific times. There are different kinds of group sessions, such as anxiety, coping skills, and even a group that plays games. There are also couples counseling for the love birds at UNI.

McCollum Science Hall

McCollum Science Hall houses a majority of UNI’s science classes and has a surprising amount of comforting critters in the building. One of the first things someone may see when entering the building is the waterfall. Everyone is encouraged to openly shed their tears and aid the attraction’s water system. For those who want solitude, there are a multitude of areas with couches or small tables and chair with a large window that lets one overlook campus. On the bottom level of McCollum resides the science department’s unofficial mascot, Steve the alligator. Down the hall from Steve, students can see a smaller alligator named Wally in his tank that’s located in the basement hallway. Initially, the thought of alligators may prompt tears from students, but these two reptiles have seen students from all walks of life. They’re also magnificent listeners, so students shouldn’t be afraid to pour their hearts out. There are also smaller animals, such as turtles and fish, that would gladly keep you company through every celebration or heartbreak.