UNI drops two of three against Lady Bears



The UNI softball team traveled to Missouri to play the Missouri State Bears. The Panthers won the first game, 15-8, but dropped the second game, 3-4.

Kristin Lock scored first for the Panthers in the second inning, with a single home run to gain an early 1-0 lead. Rikki Alcaraz hit another homer in the third to score three runs batted in. The Bears answered back with a homerun of their own to cut the Panther lead, 4-2.

Micalla Rettinger added on to the lead with a single to center field to score Julia Hunter.

The Panthers were able to triple their score in the sixth and seventh innings. Samantha Olson scored off a Rettinger single. Kennedy Bailey sacrificed a fly ball over center field to score Rettinger. Macey Wolfe was able to reach the bases from an error to score Alcaraz and Lock. Finally, Julia Hunter singled up the middle to score Chelsea Ross to end the sixth inning, 10-2.

The Bears added two homeruns in the bottom of the sixth to cut into the Panther lead, making it 10-4.

Two Panther homeruns added to the huge lead. Bailey homered to left field to score Lock and Caitlin Wnek. Wolfe homered over right field to score Ross. The Bears added four more runs, but it was not enough as the Panthers won, 15-8.

The Bears gained the early lead of game two, but Bailey added another homer to tie it, 1-1. No one scored until the bottom of the fifth. The Bears added two runs to gain the lead, 3-1. The Panthers answered quickly with two more homeruns. Hunter and Anna Varriano each hit solo home runs to tie it again, 3-3.

The eleven-inning game ended with a game-winning single from Missouri State.

Missouri State gained the early 2-0 lead on Sunday from a triple and a sacrifice fly ball. Rettinger answered with a single in the third inning that scored Olson and Hunter for the 2-2 tie. The Panthers gained a 4-2 lead with a Wolfe homerun that scored Ross in the fourth inning.

The Bears added two home runs in the fourth and fifth innings that scored two runs each to gain the game-ending score, 6-4.

The Panthers come back home on Tuesday to play Neb. at 5 p.m.