Student Employment on the Rise


As the new school year begins, on campus job positions are being filled every day. There are hundreds of job options students can choose from, ranging from library positions to working the concessions at football games. The possibilities are endless. However, many students choose to work at the dining centers.

The logic makes sense; students that live in the dorms (excluding Campbell) can walk to and from their job via skywalk without ever having to leave the building. This can be very convenient when winter rolls around with six feet of snow to maneuver around. On campus jobs are also generally more flexible around your schedule than other jobs. It is a great opportunity to gain responsibility, money management skills and stay connected with faculty and friends.

Junior social work major, Jamie Ballard, started working at Piazza two years ago and has been enjoying it since.

“The people that work here are really funny and great,” Ballard said. “And the cooks are so cool.”

It’s been debated many times whether or not students should wait to get a job because of the added workload it entails. Annie Karr, Assistant Director of Residence, Marketing and Conference Services has her own opinion on the subject.

“All students have free time in-between classes and probably won’t study for that entire time, so they might as well be working and make some extra money. Being employed in the dining center is a great way to develop time management skills and responsibility.”

One specific crowd of students who tend to be without a job are freshmen students. Freshman history major Marissa Benischek has only been working in the Piazza for a few days, but she’s handling it even with her student schedule.

“I think working on campus is a good opportunity. All I have to do is use the skywalk and I’m at my job,” said Benischek.

Despite the lack of students with on campus jobs, UNI employs more than 450 people in their dining and retail services. However, there are still several openings available in most food service areas.

If students are interested in working in any of these areas, they can go to the online career services job board and submit an application. The link is, and you can log in with your CatID and password. If working with food isn’t your taste, there are tons of other on campus jobs posted on the board as well. Students can browse through job listings, upload a resume, schedule interviews and set up a professional profile.