Week 2 spells more costly injuries, does the NFL have a problem?



Dallas Cowboys staff lift injured quarterback Tony Romo (9) during the third quarter on Sunday, Sept. 20, 2015, at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia. (Paul Moseley/Fort Worth Star-Telegram/TNS)

KEVIN DEITRICK, Staff Columnist

Another NFL season is underway, and already we have seen multiple injuries of key players after only two weeks. Are we in store for a crazy season this year? Probably the most critical injury of the season so far is the fractured left collarbone of Dallas Cowboys starting QB Tony Romo.

Over the past few years, the Cowboys have struggled to put it together. Romo has had a fantastic career with “America’s Team,” but he hasn’t won the championship every star quarterback is expected to win. Although he is only expected to be out for a few months, it looks like the Cowboys are stuck with Brandon Weeden, a guy who was drafted by the Browns and has struggled, starting the season backing up Tony Romo. To add insult to injury, Weeden will be without superstar receiver Dez Bryant. With a broken foot, Bryant is supposed to be out eight weeks.

According to SB Nation, the Cowboys can still win without their stars. They say Weeden, “doesn’t have to replace Tony Romo” and “Brandon Weeden might not inspire much confidence under center, but the Cowboys can at least weather the storm while Tony Romo and Dez Bryant are out of commission.” Can Weeden lead this team to some wins over the next few months? We shall see.

The New York Giants have also struggled with injuries, specifically their defensive line, with Jason Pierre-Paul out with an injured hand. According to ESPN, the Giants’ defense, “have only two sacks, tied for No. 24 in the NFL, and their rate of pressure on 18.2 percent of dropbacks ranks No. 27. Opposing quarterbacks are completing 72.5 percent of their passes, good for No. 26 in the league.”          

As for the Houston Texans, along with not having any good quarterbacks, they are struggling to have a running game due to star running back Arian Foster tearing his groin muscle. With their first two games, the Texans have struggled getting a running game started, which means they were forced to pass a lot, having the most passing attempts so far in the NFL.

Another big receiver that’s out for the season is Jordy Nelson of the Green Bay Packers. Having been QB Aaron Rodgers’ number one guy for the past few years, this was a pretty big blow. However, they signed James Jones, returning after spending some time with the Raiders, playing alongside Randall Cobb and Devante Adams as Rodgers’ main targets. Nelson’s injury was a big hit on Green Bay, but they still are a favorite to win the Super Bowl.     

     Finally, we have Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints. With a bruised rotator cuff, this injury isn’t too serious, as Brees should be good to go by week three; it was still a scare for Saints fans and fantasy owners. It will be interesting to see how this injury will play in the next few weeks.

There have been more injuries in the league between the last weeks of preseason until now. Some of these familiar and very valuable players include Kelvin Benjamin, Eddie Lacy, Kiko Alonso, Luke Kuechly, Victor Cruz, Jay Cutler, Jason Witten, DeSean Jackson, Andre Ellington and many more.

What does this mean for the NFL? According to NFL’s official statistics, there are 234 players with some sort of injury. Thinkprogress.org says that, “during the second week of play, another 16 players suffered injuries so severe that they needed to be removed from the game.” These aren’t just minor injuries. These are life threatening. Has the game become too dangerous? Will we continue to see this many players get injured this badly all season? Will the NFL make changes to make the game safer? We shall see.