Hot Sardines bring the roaring 20s swing


JACOB MADDEN, News Editor | [email protected]

The Hot Sardines kicked off their Midwest tour at UNI on Saturday night. In the spirit of the swinging sound of the Hot Sardines, the Gallagher Bluedorn’s foyer was decorated with a small bar, volunteers in 1920’s apparel and many decorative standing tables to “get people in the mood for the show” said Steve Carignan, Associate Dean at the GBPAC. Additionally, a pre-show reception was held for donors of the GBPAC to celebrate the past 15 years.

The pre-show included UNI Ballroom and Swing performing their own swing dance number, complete with free swing dancing lessons afterwards. After a few audience members joined the group to try their hand at swinging, more people began to join. Choreographers from UNI Ballroom and Swing led the swing dance lessons with the audience until the Hot Sardines performed.

The Hot Sardines took the stage and dispelled the fourth wall that is set between the performers and their audience. With the pit replaced by a dance floor, the UNI Ballroom and Swing, along with several students and community members, danced along to the music of the Hot Sardines.

Songs from the Hot Sardines featured their New York Jazz influenced style, but had a wide range — with everything from upbeat dance numbers to ballads, and from the Charleston to the Jungle Book. The Hot Sardines’ performance  featured some of the fastest fingers and feet from New York to New Orleans, and the voice of a front-woman from another era, as described by the program. Following the performance, a large crowd had gathered at the merchandise table to purchase CDs from the band.

The GBPAC is starting to feature more events before their shows in order to immerse the audience in the experience. According to Carignan, Carignan said more events like the Gatsby party for The Hot Sardines.