ADPi’s lone survivor



Maucker Union was teeming with adventures, obstacles and excitement on Monday night as Alpha Delta Pi held the first ever “Survivor” event, based off of the popular television reality show.

Eighty-eight people signed up to form eight teams and were slowly eliminated by competing in a variety of games, until there was one person was left. The eight teams were almost entirely made up of Greek members including: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pi Kappa Alpha and two different Sigma Phi Epsilon teams.

The event was $5 for participants and $3 for those who watched the competition. All of the proceeds raised went to the Ronald McDonald House Charities. The girls also offered a plaque to the team that donated the most pop tabs for the charity, which ended up being Sigma Phi Epsilon with 23 buckets of pop tabs. According to the president of the chapter, senior textiles and apparel major, Emily Lynch, the event raised a total of 45 pounds of pop tabs — approximately 45,000 tabs in all.

The event started off with a game that involved running across the room and forming a team body pyramid that was held for five seconds. Then, one member grabbed a balloon and everybody ran back. Participants flew back and forth until all their balloons were gathered. Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s team won this challenge.

Next up on the agenda was a drill where teams split in half and stood at opposite ends of the room, then proceeded to run and retrieve a ball using only their necks. Sigma Alpha Epsilon won this as well.

After that, teams had to nominate one person willing to get down on all fours and be blindfolded with another to guide that person. Volunteers spread out a number of different colored balls throughout the ballroom. Each guider had to lead the blindfolded person to pick up their designated colored balls. One of the Alpha Delta Pi teams won by retrieving their balls before the others.

According to freshman elementary education major, Hailey Buzynski, the best part was the next event: a game of Twister. Teams simply took turns playing Twister until everyone was out, with Sigma Phi Epsilon as the winners.

“Watching the boys try to be flexible was pretty hilarious,” Buzynski said.

The last event was a game of “Ninja.” This game determined the sole “survivor” of the entire event. Various members from the teams assembled into a circle and “karate chopped” to the tempo set by the “sensei.” If somebody wasn’t synchronized to the others, they were eliminated from the game.

By the end, there needed to be a tie-breaker held between one member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s team and the other Sigma Phi Epsilon’s. The two boys had to answer trivia questions about Alpha Delta Pi and their philanthropy, ultimately leading to sophomore management major and member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Brandon Wiederin’s, victory. He won a $25 cash prize in accordance with the title of “survivor.”

Lynch was happy with the attendance at the event, especially since it was their first year putting it on. Her favorite part of the night, however, was seeing how much fun everybody was having.

“Friendly competition and various games allowed us to support the Ronald McDonald House Charities and raise money in an exciting way,” Lynch said.

Lynch also pointed out her appreciation in the amount of support their philanthropy got by other fraternities and sororities. The teams were almost entirely made up of Greek members, but the audience was also full of Greek faces as well.

“As Alpha Delta Pi members, we know that it’s important to support each chapter on this campus, and in return we know that we are supported,” Lynch said. “The support of the Fraternity and Sorority Life Community help make our events as successful as they are.”

Freshman Alpha Delta Pi member and textiles and apparel and management double major, Kennedy Elliott, expressed how important she thinks it is to come to sorority events like this one.

“It raises a lot of money for a really great philanthropy and gets people involved,” Elliott said. “Plus, you get to meet new people and have some fun along the way.”

According to Lynch, Alpha Delta Pi will remain busy planning their philanthropic event, which is a  spaghetti dinner. They hope to surpass last year’s amount of $4,601.50 for the Ronald McDonald House Charities.