Beck’s or Bust

The break in the glass is evident once inside Beck’s Sports Grill. Approximately one-fourth of the window was broken.

Nick Fisher, Executive Editor

A young man head-butted and broke a window at Beck’s, a bar on the Hill, Saturday evening.

According to Stevie Bachelder, a Beck’s employee who was one of the first to respond to the incident, the man was intoxicated, waiting in line and was attempting to intimidate some UNI football players.

“Yeah, so a guy came up and head-butted our window from the outside,” Bachelder said. “That’s all that happened.”

Bachelder was unable to confirm if charges were filed or the costs to replace the window. The break was approximately three feet tall and one foot wide.

Bachelder  did say the man was injured and an ambulance was called.

“Yes, this is the strangest thing I’ve seen while working at Beck’s,” Bachelder said through a smile.