Ninth year of beer benefit

KATIE BAUGHMAN, Campus Life Editor

“This is an event that can quickly broaden your horizons in the beer-drinking world,” Argotsinger said. “It’s an easy way to find out what different styles of beer you like without committing to a whole purchase. It’s also a great way to find out different restaurants in town.”

During the event, there will be many contests, including the Home Brewers contest, winners determined by the guests.Some participating brewers include Bryan Barness with IPA, Zach Gardner with Root Beer Stout, Dave Zbaracki with Farmhouse Ale and a number of others. Other competition categories will be voted on and determined by judges Phillip Winkler, Bryce Willard and Jennifer Madsen.

Redgie Blanco, general manager at La Calle Latin American Bistro, on College Hill, said this will be their second year participating in Beers To You and Gourmet Too. Last year, La Calle won one of the competitions with their Arepas Con Pollo dish in the Poultry and Seafood category.

“This year we are bringing our Farmer’s Market Top Seller ‘Cachapas con Pernil and Queso’ (Sweet Corn Pancakes with braised port topped with Hansen’s dairy Cheese Curds), which is our take on a Venezuelan traditional dish,” Blanco said. “We are pairing our Cachapas con Pernil with an excellent Mazatlan Lager called Pacifico Clara from Mexico, which we belive will provide the attendee with a true array of flavors from our Latino heritage and local Iowa ingredients.”

Blanco explained that their dish of choice encompasses many of the flavors incorporated in the dishes at their restaurant. Some of their most popular items include the Chicken Arepas, The House Made Black Bean Burger, The Colombiano Hot Dog and the Argentinian Tango Burger.

Argotsinger said the event will be organized in such a way to maximize the sample style space for attendees to enjoy the many dishes available without waiting in lines.

“Inside the large Exhibit Hall we have tables lining the walls along with some tables forming other tasting islands with each table sampling beer or food (or both),” Argotsinger said. “There is no set path to take, so once you’re in there, take a look at the map in the program and plan your route to avoid lines.”

At the conclusion of the event, a free shuttle from Dolly’s Taxi will be provided for attendees who need a ride home after sampling throughout the afternoon.