NISG bash makes a splash

TK cycles to power a smoothie bicycle. Along with this, a dunk tank, free snacks, music provided by KULT and a STAT booth were present.

JACOB MADDEN, News Editor | [email protected]

The sun shone out of the stormy clouds on Thursday, just in time for the NISG Panther Bash. The event was located outside the main doors of the Union, and featured free snacks for finals week studying, as well as a number of other activities. The STAT booth sold memberships, KULT Radio provided music and students could make smoothies by riding a bike to power a blender.

According to finance and real estate double major and NISG senator, Cavan Finn, the Panther Bash has happened in the past “to give students a chance to meet the new representatives, we have a lot of senators and some of the new upper cabinet is here today talking about NISG.”

Finn explained that the Panther Bash aims to show students the fun side of NISG.

“We really wanted to bring it outside instead of in the Union, we have a more welcoming environment out here,” Finn said.

This year, the Panther Bash featured a dunk tank where members of the athletic department, the dance and cheer teams, students and staff alike sat precariously above the so-called “ice bath.” This was one of the most popular activities at the event.

The dunk tank featured not only dance and cheer team members, but also director of athletics, David Harrison, and track and field head coach, Dave Paulson. Student athletes Jamison Whiting and Rashadeen Gray also got in the dunk tank.

TC and TK made an appearance at the event, making sure that each of the volunteers fell in the tank even if students couldn’t quite hit the target.

Coach Paulson commented that being up in the dunk tank was a good fear to have.

“I like the idea of what’s going on, to get kids together on campus having some fun things on campus heading into finals,” Paulson said. “[It] keeps everyone lighthearted and enjoying what they’re doing here.”

“I really like it because it gets students involved with the athletes, the coaches, when we don’t really get that interaction all the time,” said junior communications major, AJ Hudspeth.

Hudspeth said he particularly enjoyed the dunk tank.    Hudspeth said events like this are really nice, “people can just kind of come and go, it’s just out in the public, you don’t have to go to a specific area.”

“I think this going to be a semesterly thing,” Finn said, “just to kind of get our faces out to the university, get your student leaders out there, I feel is very important.”

Finn added that if students see NISG members out having fun, they might want to join NISG or be more involved on campus.