CVDIY: Art, Music & More

SYDNEY HAUER, Executive Editor | [email protected]

Back in the day, bands like Green Day and Black Flag played there. But on June 3, Cedar Valley bands will take the stage at the revived Boat House venue in Cedar Falls.

15-20 local and touring bands will gather together for Cedar Valley Do It Yourself (CVDIY) Fest III, a music and arts festival. CVDIY is an underground community music scene in the Cedar Valley.

“It’s pretty much a collective – for lack of a better term – for Cedar Valley Do It Yourself,” said Jake Henry, member of the CVDIY organization. “Its primary goal is to facilitate a music scene here in town that’s based off of do it yourself ethics.”

The festival will take place from 10 p..m. to 1 p.m.

The Boat House, also known as the Island Park Beach House, is located at 218 Center Street in Cedar Falls. The new structure reopened Oct. 1, 2015, where the old Boat House stood before it was destroyed in the severe floods of 2008. The new Boat House is available to rent for events from May to October.

Henry said that anyone who wants to be involved in CVDIY can be included in the organization. The scene hosts shows at a house venue dubbed the Black Hole in Cedar Falls and the Wedge in Waterloo, among other venues.

Henry explained that if one goes to shows and supports the local music scene, then they are technically a member.

“I have never personally been to a show at the Boat House, but before 2008 when the flood destroyed it, there were shows there for over 20 years,” said Mason Wise, a member of CVDIY.

During the Boat House’s peak years as a music venue, it hosted some historic bands, most notably Green Day and Black Flag.

Wise said he had heard that the Boat House had been rebuilt and had a friend contact them and ask if they still host live music. The answer was yes, and it did not take long for Wise and the other members of CVDIY to jump on the opportunity to book a show there.

Both Wise and Henry said that the location of the Boat House is perfect for hosting shows because it is close to downtown Cedar Falls.

Henry mentioned that he is most excited about the venue because a lot of people will show up that have never come to a show.

“That’s my favorite thing,” Henry said. “Last time we had this fest, it was something that people brought their friends and family to who have never been to a show. And it’s right on the river. It will be summertime, so I’m just stoked to hang out.”

All of the proceeds from the festival will go to the Iowa Department of the Blind bequest fund, which helps the blind community receive care that isn’t completely covered by federal funds.

Some local music fans are excited about the show and are planning to attend for different reasons.

“In the past, I have attended the event, and art wasn’t a part of it. I’m glad it’s a part of it now,” said Caleb Kruse, senior biology major. Kruse mentioned that a lot of his close friends will be showcasing their work, such as Harlan Thomas and Nick Hall.

“I’m going to see Comrades,” said Sam Shayer, junior deciding major. Comrades is a touring band out of Richmond, VA. Shayer also mentioned that he has friends playing in the band Avoid, saying, “They always put on a good show.”

The CVDIY festival on June 3 will be open for all ages, and admission to the festival will cost $10.