Sexual Assault

NICK FISHER, Executive Editor

Two incidents of sexual misconduct were reported at UNI within 40 minutes of each other in the same location.

At approximately 7:18 p.m. Thursday an incident in which a male exposed himself to a female was reported to UNI Police. Forty minutes later, UNI Police received a report of a male attempting to “fondle” a female.

Both incidents occurred in the immediate area of the Center for Energy and Environmental Education. UNI Police declined to say whether they believe one man is responsible for both incidents.

“From my past experience, this is uncommon,” said Joe Tyler, associate director of public safety at UNI.

Tyler said it’s unusual for two reports of sexual misconduct to occur in a similar location within a relatively short time frame.

He said it’s also unusual to receive reports of this nature within the first week of classes.

Tyler said the advice is the same, independent of individual incidents.

“Walk with a friend … Walk with a purpose,” Tyler said.

He also encourages students to stay off their phones when walking home.

“Be alert, and be aware of your surroundings,” he said.