Around the world with UNI



Maucker Union drew in students with the promise of new cultural possibilities last Wednesday at the Study Abroad Fair. The fair provided information about the new, old and most successful study abroad programs UNI has to offer, as well as free passport photos.

Paige Laplant, a junior earth science and environmental science major, believes “you just grow a lot as a person” when you study abroad.

“It really opens up your eyes and makes you more culturally aware of thing,” Laplantsaid. “The world itself becomes a little bit smaller”

The fair provided information regarding many new, old and fairly popular programs. Booths with programs for semester-long trips or Capstone Experience, provided information on how students of any financial situation, major and interest can participate.

According to Erin Craw, an admissions officer at AIFS Study Abroad, students of any major can study abroad and receive the credit they need.

“Whether students are taking courses specific to their major or they’re taking electives…we have an array of different opportunities for students to meet requirements that they have to have back at their home university,” said Craw.

New programs, like the those to New Zealand or Italy, and experiences like the Capstone in Jordan, were all on display. The trip to Jordan proved unique, not only because they have yet to take a trip, but because they are a short-term experience that receives similar benefits as a semester-long program. Through the Capstone in Jordan, students will have the opportunity to camp out in the Nomads.

Students who study abroad, in most programs, are able to partake in home stays in which they live with a family while in a different country. These are ways in which most programs offer a close view of the culture within their country of study.

There are plenty of financial aid opportunities for every study abroad experience. Some programs, such as the semester-long program to Whales, England, are an “Iowa Regions Program,” meaning that financial aid students receive the same amount of financial aid they would normally receive at UNI, but towards their program in study abroad.

Each program has their own way to provide financial aid and can come fairly easy according to Sydney Younge, a sophomore finance management and business administration management major.

“[Most] everyone that went [in my program] got at least one or two scholarships,” said Younge.

Studying abroad can accommodate various needs as well.

“We have several different programs in several different countries,” said Craw. “We have academic year semester programs, we have summer programs and then programs during a January term.”

Those interested in learning more about study abroad programs through UNI can visit the Study Abroad website,, for a complete list and description of trips.