PANTHER PORTRAITS: What happened on campus this week?

KATIE BAUGHMAN, Campus Life Editor

Even though Homecoming Week is just on the horizon with plenty of activities and events, the past week on campus has proven to be busy as well.

Last Friday, ceramic sculptor, Jason Briggs, visited UNI to demonstrate how he creates his work. Previous “forms” were on display for students to examine and hold, while he described his creative process.

On Monday, students dressed in their best business casual attire to speak with a few of the 196 businesses present in McLeod at the UNI Job and Internship Fair.

Well-known businesses like Target, John Deere, TransAmerica and the U.S. Army talked with students about their potential futures within their company. Some companies even offered free pizza cutters, hand sanitizer, pens and frisbees galore.

Alpha Phi kicked off their philanthropy week for Women’s Heart Health on Monday and held a “Jail and Bail” event on Tuesday to raise money. Volunteers asked passersby to donate a dollar to “bail out” a member inside the jail cell.

Alpha Phi members and participants held signs saying, “Free a Phi,” “A dolla make me holla” and “Cuffed for a cause.”

For information on more upcoming events on campus, visit UNI’s Calendar of Events through the UNI main page website.