Panther Portraits: Campus Activities Board presents Matt Bellassai

KATIE BAUGHMAN, Campus Life Editor

Buzzfeed sensation and host of the “To Be Honest”   show, Matt Bellesai, filled the Gallagher Bluedorn Perfoming Arts Center (GBPAC) with laughter at his comedy show on Saturday night.

Over 350 students and guests attended the event, which began with a brief performance by Mackenzi Brophy, a UNI alumna who majored in electronic media and film. She joked about Tinder dating, its repercussions and everything inbetween before she introduced Bellesai to the stage.

Bellesai first began touring his comedy show earlier this year and said this was not his first trip to an Iowa school. Bellesai introduced the show as, “Reasons I’ll Be Single Forever, or why you should date me if you’re into this entire mess.”

Throughout the show, he described stories from his childhood, dating and catastrophic bodily fluid events. Brophy and Bellesai sat down after the comedy portion for a live Twitter Q & A session.

Students asked Bellesai what his favorite type of wine is, where he went to college and if he wanted to go to Sharky’s after the show. One of the questions that elicited a long response was, “Babies or boogers?”

Bellesai took pictures and visited with students after the show as well.

Campus Activities Board (CAB) will be holding various events during Homecoming week, such as holding an outdoor movie tomorrow night. They will be showing the film, “Finding Dory,” which was released this past summer.

For more information on upcoming activities, visit page 5 for a full list of homecoming events.