UNI Traditions challenges you


Twenty three teams competed head-to-head to mark off the most items from UNI’s Traditions Challenge during Homecoming Week on Wednesday evening. Each team received a picture clue, which led them to said tradition.

“When the UNI CATS decided to put together the Traditions program they wanted a fun way for students to check off […] 6 to 8 traditions during homecoming,” said Connie Hansen, Student Organizations Coordinator. “At the time the [television show] ‘Amazing Race’ was popular, and after brainstorming for several hours, [the students] came up with our own version of the race.”

According to Amazing Race’s website, last year’s first and third place winners were Camp Adventure, and the RA’s of Dancer Hall took home second place. This year, Student Admissions Ambassadors (SAA) took both first and second place, with Camp Adventure following in third.

Olivia Willoughby, a sophomore biology major, competed with Camp Adventure.

“The best part was making it to the top of Maucker Union . . . and getting third place” said Willoughby.

Competing is not only a way for students to complete some tradition challenges, but they also get more involved within their organizations.

Students had to complete nine traditions, including: Visiting the greenhouse, going to Rod Library, eating at the Piazza Dining Center, Interlude Dance, attending women’s soccer, Campaniling, visiting Maucker Union, visiting the Wellness and Recreation Center and College Hill.

These are only nine of the traditions that students should complete before they graduate. However any student, even those who did not compete in Amazing Race, can partake in the traditions challenge.

UNI Alumni Association, the traditions challenge sponsor, has a free application for smartphones that can be downloaded off of the App Store or Google Play called “UNI Traditions.”The app is a convenient way to submit photos for the challenge before they graduate.

For those without smartphones, or those who would prefer a hard copy of the challenge, the Commons has free copies of the Traditions Book.

Students who complete 25 traditions are eligible for a lapel pin to wear at graduation. If students complete 45 traditions, they will wear a medallion at graduation.

All the information to complete UNI’s Traditions Challenge can be found on the traditions challenge website.