Derrick Rose cleared of all counts in rape trail



New York Knicks point guard Derrick Rose arrives at the Federal Courthouse in Los Angeles. Just yesterday, Rose and his friends were acquitted on charges of assaulting his ex-girlfriend.

DYLAN PADY, Sports Editor | [email protected]

Yesterday an eight panel civil court jury found Derrick Rose, Randall Hampton and Ryan Allen not guilty of all assault charges.  

Derrick Rose has been in some hot water lately with the law after being accused of ‘gang-raping’ his ex-girlfriend, who is anonymously referred to as Jane Doe, in 2013. The accuser claimed Rose and his two best friends took advantage of her after she had passed out from a long night of partying.

I truly cannot imagine Rose doing such a thing and hearing this accusation made me absolutely sick. His lawyer Mark Baute, continued to stress the fact that the sex was consensual, and after Rose ended their relationship a month before the accusation, they believe she is simply seeking revenge with a $21 million lawsuit.

Being a civil assault case,  it seems Rose’s accuser only wanted money but did not intend for him to go to prison.

There was no physical evidence that Rose and his friends broke in and assaulted Doe — she deleted all the text messages to help her case. The only text messages she did keep were about sex and drugs, in an attempt to make Rose look guilty.

“She is leaving a paper trail for a fake rape case,” Baute said. “You can believe, they deleted every one [text messages] that hurts them.”

According to an article from USA Today, Doe claimed that Rose and his friends drugged her at his house. After being escorted home by a freind, Doe explains that the three men broke in and sexually assaulted her. She was requesting $21 million dollars for compensation and to pay for damages.

Baute reminds the jurors of all the people Rose was able to support with his new NBA income, also regarding him as a very nice young man.

“These guys are so far from breaking in and rapists, it’s almost comical,” Baute said. “[Doe] Is a pathological liar […] Regret is not rape.”

I have looked up to Rose for years and will not believe that he even considered to do such a thing. He instantly became a favorite player of mine as I was starting to understand and appreciate basketball at a younger age.

Rose was selected as the first overall pick by the Chicago Bulls in 2008 and he was an absolute blast to watch. He had so much swagger on the court and was able to finesse his way through any defense and score inside with some spectacular shots.

His 2010-2011 season was visually and statistically the greatest thing since sliced bread. Scoring at least 25 points a game, Rose recorded 25 double-doubles, one triple-double and even logged 623 assists, which is another great number to possess at the point guard position.

In 2008 Rose was awarded Rookie of the Year, he is a three time All-Star, and in 2010-2011, he won the All-NBA award as well as the MVP award.

I believe Rose would still be an incredibly deadly weapon in the NBA if his career was not haunted with injuries. He was never quite able to reach his full potential after his recovery and by no means is he a bad player, he just used to be so much better.

With all that success behind him, it blew my mind after I heard the accusations of him assulting his ex-girlfriend. It just did not add up. Before those accusations came forward, Rose was traded to the New York Knicks to play alongside the great Carmelo Anthony and their 7’3” power forward Kristaps Porzingis.

As his trial developed, a lot of rumors appeared on whether he will even be able to play anymore. As of right now, Rose is expected to miss the Knicks’ one remaining preseason game, and will not be back on the court until their season opener against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

This is not because he is in trouble, but simply due to the fact that Wednesday was their last preseason game and he will still be flying back home from his trial in Los Angeles.

I hope the Knicks and Derrick Rose have a great season this year and that all these accusations will be buried and forgotten about by Oct. 25 when the NBA season begins.