Trump Jr. stops at Social



Donald Trump Jr. speaks at a stop held at Social House. Community members and students were in attendance

JACOB MADDEN, News Editor | [email protected]

The US Presidential election will draw to a close in less than a week, and both candidates and their surrogates have been flying around the country to swing key states in their favor.

On Tuesday, Donald Trump Jr. made a stop at both Ames and Cedar Falls on short notice in an effort to get Republicans to the polls on Nov. 8.

Trump Jr. touted his father, the Republican Presidential nominee, as a Washington outsider and businessman looking to overhaul the political system.

The UNI event, put on by the College Republicans, took place at Social House on the College Hill at 2 p.m. Around 50 people gathered in attendance, engaged in small talk and discussed volunteer opportunities to help the campaign.

“You have a lot of people making trillion dollar decisions that have no business making those decisions, that have never done these things in the real world,” Trump Jr. said.

According to Trump Jr., these career politicians are “bureaucrats and paper pushers,” having never created a job or signed the front of a pay check. Trump Jr. also commented on the status of the American political system, explaining that the American political system is like that of a third world country.

“It’s almost like [Democrats] have gotten used to corruption,” Trump Jr. said. “This level of bribery, this level of grift, this level of corruption. Yet, it’s going on under our nose and has been for years.”

Sydney Lundgren, chairperson of the UNI College Republicans and junior communications major, explained that the Iowa Federation of College Republicans wanted Donald Trump Jr. to come to two campuses Tuesday, and the Trump campaign wanted someone to visit UNI because no one had visited since the Trump rally on campus during the primary election.

Lundgren explained that the College Republicans decided early in the semester to focus on local and state elections due to the variety of views on the Presidential campaign within the group.

“I don’t want people to not be in the College Republicans just because they don’t support the [Presidential] candidate,” Lundgren said. “I want them to know that their opinion is welcome.”

According to Lundgren, being a conservative student on campus is difficult at times.

“You often don’t feel accepted as a college Republican here at UNI, which is difficult because we all want acceptance,” Lundgren said.

Tana Goertz, an Iowa Trump campaign co-chair from West Des Moines, opened the event by praising Trump after her time on The Apprentice.

“Eleven years ago, Trump took a chance on me,” Goertz said. “An Iowa mother, woman and young entrepreneur.”

Goertz spoke to Trump’s business prowess, explaining that “[Trump] put my career on steroids.”

However, Goertz also tried to humanize Trump, saying, “What he showed me was a man who truly loves people. He showed me he’s a man of his word, and he showed me that he loves America.”

Trump Jr. heavily criticized career politicians on both sides of the aisle, citing career politics as the source of much of America’s strife.

“What’s been created by these politicians in D.C., you’re going to be stuck with it,” Trump Jr. said. “So it’s awesome to see your generation getting involved.”

Trump Jr. said that there was a “great movement in Bernie Sanders,” but that Sanders has since been bought off and paid for, and that the Democratic Party cheated him out of the nomination.

Trump Jr.’s speech was intermittently interrupted by chants of “USA!,” “Lock her up!” and others. He concluded his speech by imploring supporters to go out and vote. After the speech, attendees were free to take pictures with Trump Jr.

He declined any questions.