New ‘digs’ in Schindler


A Schindigs worker hands a student a cup of Sidecar coffee. Schindigs offers a variety of foods including customizable grain bowls, parfaits and other grab and go foods.

SYDNEY HAUER, Executive Editor | [email protected]

Schindigs, the brand new cafe in the newly-renovated Schindler Education Center offers a unique variety of foods and beverages not previously available to students on campus.

Schindigs is UNI’s newest dining addition on campus. It opened for business on Monday, Jan. 23, on the Schindler Education Center’s main floor. It will be open from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Monday through Thursday, and on Fridays from 7:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. The cafe currently offers a variety of new items, including build-your-own grain bowls, items to grab and go – such as yogurt parfaits – and Sidecar coffee and espresso drinks.

“When it was determined that Schindler was going to be renovated and refreshed, that was a good opportunity to put something more than just a cart in that space,” said Janet Paul, director of dining services.

Schindler previously offered the apple cart, which was only open for a few hours over lunch and served limited grab and go items.

Paul said that when they came up with the idea for the grain bowls, they wanted something that would be healthy but also taste good. The build-your-own grain bowls will be the main entree at Schindigs.

“You start with a couple different grain options, and then you go to the vegetables next, and then you select your protein,” said Annie Karr, assistant director of Residence and Marketing. “Then you select the sauce you want to put on it, and then you can select from a variety of different toppings, as well.”

Many combinations and options exist for students to customize their grain bowls.

Grain options include a white rice and whole grain blend. The proteins will rotate, but chicken will always be available. Vegetarians have the option of marinated tofu or to get double veggies instead of protein.

Alexis Hawley is a junior psychology and criminology major and works at Schindigs. She is a student supervisor at Biscotti’s and would ordinarily work at Book Bistro, but was asked to work at Schindigs because of her experience making coffee, espresso drinks and food items.

“Schindigs has something that I don’t think we have ever had to offer on campus before,” Hawley said. “I think it’s unique because the food options we have are more of a variety […] We have steak, chicken, beef – that’s not something you can get over at Book Bistro where their main specialty is grilled cheese. And over [at] Biscotti’s, where their main thing is Starbucks.”

Mollie Borth, freshman TESOL major, said she was satisfied with her first visit to Schindigs.

“This was my first time going to Schindigs and I already recommended it to my friends,” Borth said. “I was going to go to Panda Express later today, and then I was [like], ‘Okay, this is so much closer.”

Ashley Shultz, junior elementary education major, said she thinks Schindigs was a good addition to the Schindler Education Center.

“The new food place in Schindler was a good idea,” Shultz said. “I like the fact that it has coffee and other drinks! I like rice bowls, but I wish the menu was switched every other day so if people don’t want rice bowls every day, there would be a variety.”