Panther Pep Crew renamed ‘Panther Mayhem’

DYLAN PADY, Sports Editor | [email protected]

The Panther Pep Crew is ready to cheer on their fellow student athletes on the field or  court, after renaming the group to “Panther Mayhem.”

Caleb Lundeen had been a part of the student section since his freshman year at UNI. Up until last year, Lundeen has been the president of the organization along with seven other executive members on the board. Everyone involved works towards the same respective goal, however.

“We not only focus on just the student section, but we focus on the game as a whole,” Lundeen said. “So not just students, but also the parents, the families and the kids to try and create a fun time for everybody.”

Some minor concerns arose during the initial stages of the name change. It was a harmless suggestion to name the student section “Purple Mayhem.” But, after a quick Google search, defines Purple Mayhem as “an indica dominant hybrid (80% indica/20% sativa) strain [of cannabis] created through crossing the extremely rare Dark Desire X Dark Cross strains.”

So now the question at hand would be what to do with this newfound information.

“Initially, we didn’t know about it or think about googling it or anything like that,” Lundeen said. “But then it was brought to our attention by somebody pretty high up… And it was a pretty easy switch to be Panther Mayhem instead of Purple Mayhem.” 

The initial name change circulated primarily throughout the student section officials and to others involved, but did not make its way to the rest of the student body.

“There hasn’t really been any criticism on that, so we kind of caught it early which was good.” Lundeen said.

The football team has already played their first two games of the season and basketball is still on the way, but everyone can still get out to support UNI student athletes and their respective sports, along with Panther Mayhem.