Undefeated teams in the NFL



Adrian Clayborn (99) sacks Green Bay’s QB Aaron Rodgers (12).

DYLAN PADY, Sports Editor | [email protected]

Week two of the NFL season has come to an end. As of right now, the 10 undfeated teams in the NFL include the Detroit Lions, Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Miami Dolphins, Denver Broncos, Oakland Raiders, Kansas City Chiefs, Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Falcons knocked the Green Bay Packers off of that list after their battle on Sunday night. The Falcons defense bullied Aaron Rodgers long enough to deny him any comeback bid, and Atlanta beat Green Bay 34-24.

The Packers have 13 players suffering from injuries at the moment, but Rodgers did earn his 300th career scoring touchdown pass.

The Detroit Lions took on the New York Giants for Monday night’s game. Matthew Stafford completed 15 passes for 122 yards and two touchdowns in their 24-10 victory.

The Pittsburgh Steelers’ defense is really beginning to hold their own and kept the Minnesota Vikings to just nine points, while “Big Ben” Roethlisberger achieved 243 yards and two touchdowns in their 26-point victory. Le’Veon Bell had 27 carries for 87 Yards but no touchdowns. Pittsburgh scored two touchdowns in the first two quarters, and kicked four field goals in the second half of the game to finish off Minnesota.

For week three, the only undefeated matchup will feature the Falcons and the Lions. As a (defeated) Chicago Bears fan, I would like to see Atlanta take this one because Detroit is leading the NFC North, and I want their perfect season tarnished early.

As for the Bears, they will be hosting the Steelers in Chicago. If you have been actively watching the NFL this season you will understand why I’m already dreading this game. Bear down, though!