Family band Groovy News’ second debut



Amelia and Vince Gotera are a father-daughter duo who performed from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 15, during Maucker Union Live.

LEZIGA BARIKOR, Campus Life Editor | [email protected]

Amelia and Vince Gotera of “Groovy News” had their second debut performance on UNI’s campus as a part of Mauker Union Live on Wednesday, Nov. 15, from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. Groovy News is a father-daughter duo that performs music from the ‘60s to today, ranging from Sam Cooke, Dolly Parton, Sixpence None The Richer and Maroon 5.

The duo featured Amelia on lead vocals and Vince on backup vocals and electric guitar.

“She has a very natural stage presence,” said Madi Stahl, senior English education major in attendance of the show. “I really like the idea of the father-daughter duo.”

Vince is a UNI professor in the languages and literature department. He contacted Student Organization Coordinator Connie Hansen,  who put him in contact with the Student Life Team. The Student Life Team was created in January of this year, and they are in charge of all coordination for Maucker Union Live, according to Hansen.

Amelia Gotera’s boyfriend Evan Stock, a 24-year-old Cedar Rapids native, was in attendance.

“I always like to come out and support,” Stock said.

Stock is also the drummer for Amelia and Melina, another Gotera family band featuring the two sisters.

Taylor Crandall, a fifth-year Spanish and public relations double major, also attended the concert, but as a fan who had only seen Amelia and Melina.

“I work with Amelia and her sister Melina,” Crandall said.

The three women all work at Voodoo Lounge in Cedar Falls. According to Crandall, the band Amelia and Melina often performs at the Octopus on College Hill and other locations around the Cedar Valley.

“I saw that [she] and her father were performing on campus and was interested in it. It just so happens that I didn’t have class at the same time,” Crandall said.

Amelia said she has been touring with her sister Melina for five years now. Their next concert will be after break on Nov. 25 at the Octopus in a show titled “Thanksgiving Leftovers.”

Amelia is a 26-year-old Cedar Falls native and Hawkeye College graduate.

“I was a UNI student for a semester right after high school, but I totally failed out of my classes because I didn’t go to class,” Amelia said. She laughed it off and explained how she got her general education degree from Hawkeye.

Groovy News is a new project by Amelia and her dad.

“We don’t get to spend a ton of time together usually because I work a ton and he works,” Amelia said. “So now we have to make time to spend time together, and it’s been really fun. And sometimes we’ll sit out and practice for four hours.”

The Groovy News members both laughed at the mention of their lengthy practice sessions.

“We just love hanging out and playing music together,” Amelia said.

Jennifer Zehner, junior elementary education major and Student Life Team Member, said the process of performing at Maucker Union starts with contacting someone in the Student Life Team. After a performer makes contact, the team creates graphics, puts together Facebook events and coordinates with Mike Bobeldyk, the Student Life and events services director, to get help with advertising and set up.

Zehner said the Student Life Team would be more than happy to get UNI students connected with a time and platform to perform.

The Groovy News duo said they enjoyed performing Maucker Union Live.

“People were very welcoming,” Vince said.