LTE: column is poorly informed

LTE: column is poorly informed

Letter to the Editor

Editor’s note: the following letter to the editor was submitted in response to the opinion column “Why is everything politicized?” that appeared in the Nov. 13, 2017 edition of the Northern Iowan.

You need do [sic] a better job of vetting the letters you post.

“Why is everything politicized?” had little to no political value and served only to inflame an already deeply divided public. The “other side are hypocrites” narrative has no social worth whatsoever.

It requires literally no political knowledge, plays to the base emotions of those unable or willing to do real research themselves and it actively encourages aggressive discourse over reaching across the isle [sic] during a time where we are dangerously divided.

Don’t give poorly informed mud-slinging a platform. You have a responsibility to the victims of these crimes to use their stories in a way that helps end the environment that leads to their assaults being pushed aside and ignored for so long.

Do better. I know you can.