Uprising to publish in fall and spring


COURTESY PHOTO/Uprising Magazine

The student-run magazine Uprising released released their fourth issue this fall on Monday, Nov. 27. They plan on also releasing a spring issue in 2018.


Uprising Magazine released their fourth issue on Monday, Nov. 27, on UNI’s campus and throughout the Cedar Falls area.

“I really want people to grasp the whole social issue concept [when reading the magazine]. Last issue we covered Black Lives Matter and this issue we covered LGBTQ,” said Diana Hernandez, editor in chief of Uprising. “I really like talking about things that people don’t necessarily talk about a whole lot, so it’s like starting a conversation beyond the fashion and all of that. Obviously, that’s fun to look at and fun to know, but I think it’s more important to actually talk about things that are happening in the world and on campus.”

As Hernandez stated, all of the issues are based on different social issues. This semester’s issues focused on the LGBTQ community and mental health. They covered stories on sexual freedom and created a section called “Speak Up,” which featured members of the LGBTQ community sharing their thoughts, feelings and experience.

“People should take the time not only to see the amazing talent of UNI students and artists, but to open themselves up to current fashions and social happenings,” said Kennedy Elliott, Uprising creative director and a junior textile and apparel and marketing management double major. “We’re titled Uprising because we talk about the things that aren’t easy to talk about; we create discourse. We ultimately want people to have a conversation about what’s going on in our culture today.”

With regards to mental health, the story covering Jordan Burgett, an aspiring rapper from Cedar Rapids, discussed the messages behind each one of his songs, allowing him to express himself through music. Other stories, such as “Technicalities with Dance Teacher Mandy Masmar,” specifically discuss how activities like dance can help with mental health issues. There is also an article covering mental health and how people can improve their mental health and help the campus community.

“In being the creative director, I help with the overall image of the magazine,” Elliott said. “Each issue can be a little bit different, but they all center around accessible fashion, beauty and social issues. We also like to feature local art and talent. We want readers to not only connect with the stories but to be exposed to new ideas they may have not known otherwise.”

“It’s really good,” said Katelyn Criner, junior public relations and Spanish double major. “I’ve done a shoot with Jordan Allen who was one of the photographers, and she’s really talented. Tyler the Creator saw some of the pics featured in the magazine and favorited her tweet of the pictures on Twitter!”

Founded in October of 2014, the publication is still growing.

“We’ve distributed 850 copies across campus for anyone to snag on their way to class or work,” Elliott said.

“I would like to gain a bigger following, which is starting to already happen,” Hernandez said. “I really think it’s grown outside of just the UNI population; it’s kind of all over the place!”

In the past they have only printed one magazine per school year; however, this year they plan on printing their fifth issue in the spring.

“We are constantly recruiting for new talent to join our team,” Elliott said. “There are many graduating seniors, and we will need fresh faces to fill those positions. Right now, we are in need of models, photographers, writers and creative people.”

Elliott said students can email her at [email protected] if they’re interested in joining. Otherwise, students are also able to email [email protected] to get involved.

“For right now we are done meeting since we already [printed], but next semester, the first Tuesday of that week we come back, we’ll start meeting again and start up stuff on issue number five!” Hernandez said.