From Greek brothers to bandmates



The Leather Jackets is a band started by UNI students Brandon Lynch (left) and Harry Schoening (right), who recently performed Maucker Union Live.


The Maucker Union was filled with people on Wednesday watching the emerging band the Leather Jackets perform. The duo played in the main level of Maucker Union with cover songs, as well as some original songs.

“I think [the Leather Jackets] are great!” said Abbigal Lehman, sophomore elementary and middle level education double major. “Both [are] very cool guys and they work really hard for what they do in all of their practices.”

Brandon Lynch and Harry Schoening, who are both in their second year at UNI, came together to form the Leather Jackets through their love of music. Schoening is a marketing management major. They knew each other from high school, but were only recently reunited through mutual friends once they both started attending UNI.

“We talked and started talking about jammin’ and then I joined the same fraternity as him,” Schoening said.

“He ended up even becoming my Little,” Lynch said.

Little refers to someone who is menteed in a fraternity or soriety. Both band members are a part of the fraternity Sigma Phi Epsilon.

These singer and songwriters appeared to have a lot of fun playing together during this performance, and that enjoyment radiated as they explained how they began to establish themselves.

“Over Thanksgiving break we both went out and bought leather jackets without talking to each other about it, and then we came back after Thanksgiving break and we both had leather jackets,” Schoneing said while laughing with Lynch.

“Actually, it was Leather Jacket, singular, but they messed it up on the flyer! They messed up the graphic so everyone’s been calling us Leather Jackets so I guess it’s too late! We just decided to roll with it,” Lynch said.

The atmosphere around the room was very positive. There were several people cheering for Lynch and Schoeneing.

Lynch and Schoeneing said they enjoyed this performance. They said they were both nervous while setting up and before they began. But as soon as they realized that the only people they were performing in front of were stressed out college students, they felt great.

“It’s all about pushing yourself if you really care,” Lynch said. “This is the perfect environment because it’s just students who really are here to study and it’s just great practice. It’s a great first show for anyone.”

Schoneing said during his performance that the duo had Schoneing’s creative writing professor, Vince Gotera, to thank for having one of the creative writing pieces he produced for class become an original song, as well as providing the contact information in order to play in Maucker Union.

“The Leather Jackets reached out to me through another performer, Vince Gotera,” said Jennifer Zehner, who works with the Student Life Team for Maucker Union Live.  “They then submitted a video showcasing their act and we loved it, so offered them the opportunity to perform.”

Live music in Maucker Union is something many students enjoy.

“Most of the time I do really like when they play live music in the Union,” said Ashley Canny, a sophomore elementary education major.

Zehner also shared the feedback she has gotten from student performances.

“There have been nothing but positive remarks to students performing in the Union,” Zehner said. “It brings about a relaxing environment in the Union over the lunch hour, [and] has enabled many students to spread their passion and talent.  Some students have even released albums on Spotify after these performances.”

Performing in Maucker is something that is highly encouraged by Maucker Union Live and any student interested in sharing their talent is invited to reach out to the Student Life Team.

The Leather Jackets will be performing in Maucker Union again on April 11 and at the Octopus on April 13. The duo shared their hope to perform more in Maucker Union and hopefully perform in Sidecar on College Hill.