MLB: opening day for Chicago baseball

Ian Happ runs the bases after hitting a home run on the first pitch of the 2018 season.

DYLAN PADY, Sports Editor | [email protected]

The 2018 MLB season officially began after opening day on Thursday, Mar. 29. Fans witnessed a handful of great games, two of which included big wins on the road for both the Chicago White Sox and the Cubs.

The Cubs played the Marlins, the Cardinals played the Mets, the Twins played the Orioles, the Astros played the Rangers, the Yankees played the Blue Jays, the Angels played the Athletics, the Phillies played the Braves, the Red Sox played the Rays, the Brewers played the Padres, the White Sox played the Royals, the Giants played the Dodgers, the Rockies played the Diamondbacks and, finally, the Indians played the Mariners.

For the city of Chicago, the Cubs and the White Sox combined for a total of 22 points on the road during opening day. The Cubs defeated the Miami Marlins 8-4 and the Sox beat the Kansas City Royals, 14-4.

For the Cubs, Ian Happ drilled the very first pitch of the season towards right field and earned his first homerun of the season pretty easily.

The Cubs scored two more runs in the first inning due to a walk and Javier Baez was hit by a pitch, both advancing the runners.

Anthony Rizzo stepped up during the second inning and hit a homerun on his first pitch out towards right field. This put the Cubs up 4-1 and essentially woke the Marlins offense up, as they proceeded to tie the game 4-4 by the end of the third inning.

Wilson Contreras hit a double in the fourth and brought Kris Bryant home. Additionally, Kyle Schwarber hit a homerun in the seventh inning, deep into a 3-1 count, and Tommy La Stella hit a double bringing two more teammates home.

The White Sox were actually down 4-0 after the Royals hit their stride early in the first inning. In the top of the fourth, however, Garcia found himself on second base after an easy double. Abreu, Davidson and Anderson proceeded to hit three homeruns and scored a total of five runs in the fourth.

Davidson and Anderson were still hungry and each cranked out another homerun, taking an 8-4 lead by the end of the fifth inning. Neither team scored in the sixth, but the White Sox scored three points in both the seventh and the eighth inning.

It was a good opening day for Chicago. The Cubs will play the Marlins three more times in Miami, followed by two games in Cincinnati against the Reds and will finally head to Milwaukee for four games against the Brewers.

The Cubbies’ first home game will be against the Pittsburgh Pirates on April 9.

The White Sox have two more games against the Royals, followed by three games against the Blue Jays before they host the Detroit Tigers on April 5 at Guaranteed Rate Field in Chicago.